Our insurance professionals at John Ross Insurance Service Ltd. take pride in knowing and working with our clients to help manage their business risk exposures. Minimizing loss severity and loss frequency will help keep your costs of insurance in check.

For many owners of businesses such as retail stores, offices, contractors, property owners, manufacturers and wholesalers, package policies with appropriate extensions of protection tailored for your needs will adequately protect your business.

Large corporations will require specific polices tailored to protect multiple locations, domestic and international exposures, professional liability, errors and omissions, directors and officers liability and fleets of vehicles and vessels.

We can integrate all your business needs with your personal home, vehicles and yachts.

Please contact our Commercial Lines Department for more information or to obtain a quote:

Jason Mark, Senior Account Executive:  jasonm@johnrossinsurance.com
Steve McConnell, Vice President Construction Services: stevem@johnrossinsurance.com

Kay Bondoc, Commercial Lines Marketer: kbondoc@johnrossinsurance.com
Josie Lam, Commercial Lines CSR: jlam@johnrossinsurance.com
Daryl Low, Account Executive: dlow@johnrossinsurance.com
Adrian Yeung, Account Executive: ayeung@johnrossinsurance.com

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