You guys expect me to believe this? Jimi Hendrix?” And I secretly arranged for Janie Hendrix to call my cellphone while we were having this discussion. She called me, and I go [to PBS], “Well, you know what? Why don’t you ask Jimi’s sister, personally?” And she just let him have it. And then PBS did the deal with us and that’s how we got the film going, in a lot of ways..

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I love Robert Reich, but he doing the same thing everyone else does with this topic. He glossing over the fact that this has been a problem for decades now. And the companies that have benefited the most are ISPs. He’s one of many, many men and one woman vying for the GOP nomination in 2016. He’s a young governor but is widely regarded as a withered though once rising political star. He’s the first Indian American to be considered a serious candidate for the White House, but he shuns that label and believes that every American should strive to live a non hyphenated experience..

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